Call Any Vegetable lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Absolutely Free


Ray collins (vocals)
Jimmy carl black (drums)
Billy mundi (drums)
Roy estrada (bass)
Don preston (keyboards)
Bunk gardner (woodwinds)
Motorhead sherwood (soprano, baritone saxophone)

(Cheesey, cheesey)
(This is a song about vegetables, they keep ya regular
They're real good for yo)

Call any vegetable call it by name
Call one today when you get off the train
Call any vegetable and the chances are good
Aw, the vegetable will respond to you

(Some people don't go for prunes...i
Don't know, I've always found that if they...)
Call any vegetable pick up your phone
Think of a vegetable lonely at home
Call any vegetable and the chances are good
That a vegetable will respond to you

Rutabaga, rutabaga
Rutabaga, rutabaga

(A prune isn't really a vegetable..
Cabbage is a vegetable...)

No one will know
If you don't want to let them know
No one will know
'Less it's you that might tell them so
Call and they'll come to you
Covered with dew
Vegetables dream, of responding to you

Standing there shiny and proud by your side
Holding your hand while the neighbors decide
Why is a vegetable something to hide?