Dinah-Moe Humm lyrics

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Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 6


I couldn't say where she's comin' from
But I just met a lady named dinah-moe humm

She strolled on over, say look here, bum
I got a forty dollar bill says you can't make me cum
(Y'jes can't do it)

She made a bet with her sister who's a little bit dumb
She could prove it any time all men was scum

I don't mind that she called me a bum
But I knew right away she was really gonna cum
(So I got down to it)

I whipped off her bloomers'n stiffened my thumb
An' applied rotation on her sugar plum

I poked'n stroked till my wrist got numb
But I still didn't hear no dinah-moe humm
Dinah-moe humm

Dinah-moe humm
Dinah-moe humm
Where's this dinah-moe
Comin' from
I just spent three hours
An' I ain't got a crumb
From the dinah-moe, dinah-moe, dinah-moe
From the dinah-moe humm

I got a spot that gets me hot
And you ain't been to it
I got a spot that gets me hot
And you ain't been to it

I got a spot that gets me hot
'Cause you ain't been to it
I got a spot that gets me hot
But you ain't been to it
'Cause I gotta get into it
I'll never get out of it
An' I gotta be out of it
To get myself into it
'Cause I can't get into it
Unless I get out of it
An' I gotta be out of it
Before I get into it

(She looked over at me with a glazed eye
And some bovine perspiration on her upper lip area
And she said...)
And here's what she said:
Just get me wasted
An' you're half-way there
'Cause if my mind's tore up
Well, then my body don't care

I rubbed my chinny-chin-chin
An' said my-my-my
What sort of thing
Might this lady get high upon?

The forty dollar bill didn't matter no more
When her sister got nekkid an' laid on the floor
She said dinah-moe might win the bet
But she could use a little (ow!) if I wasn't done yet

I told her..
Just because the sun
Want a place in the sky
No reason to assume
I wouldn't give her a try

So I pulled on her hair
Got her legs in the air
An' asked her if she had any cooties in there

(Whaddya mean cooties! no cooties on me!)

She was buns-up kneelin'
Buns up!
I was wheelin' an' dealin'
Wheelin' an' dealin' an ooooh!
She surrender to the feelin'
She sweetly surrendered
An' she started in to squealin'

Dinah-moe watched from the edge of the bed
With her lips just twitchin' an' her face gone red
Some drool rollin' down
From the edge of her chin
While she spied the condition
Her sister was in
She quivered 'n quaked
An' clutched at herself
Her sister made a joke
About her mental health
Until dinah-moe finally
Did give in
But I told her
All she really needed
Was some discipline..

I said:

Kiss my aura...dora..
That's right!
You know why?
Because obviously it was real angora
And then I said:

Would you all like some more-a?
Right here on the flora?
An' how 'bout you, fauna?
Do you wanna?