Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You? lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: 200 Motels


Mark volman (vocals)
Howard kaylan (vocals)
Ian underwood (keyboards, woodwinds)
Aynsley dunbar (drums)
George duke (keyboards, trombone)
Martin lickert (bass)
Ruth underwood (orchestra drum set)
Jim pons (vocals)

Bad concience:
Does this kind of life look interesting to you? night after night, dinners with herb cohen. thrill-packed, fun-filled evenings on the french riviera at the midem convention. a big tie, the whole bit. watch mutt eat, and leon feed the geese. one thousand green business cards, with your name and the wrong address. plus six royalty statements, inspected and customized by ran toon tan han toon frammet and dee. followed by twelve potential suicides as the members of your group, past and present, find out they can't collect unemployment. a dog, a car, an epidemic of body lice with your own record company, your name on the door, electric buzzer to the inner office, and owner's tits, and a three month supply of german bookings with tickets on air rangoon. does this kind of life look interesting to you? as a big rock and roll guitar player in a comedy group?

Hunna hunna hunna
200 motels. 200 motels. 200 motels

Jeff simmons:
I'm stealing the room. I'm stealing the room. I'm stealing the room

I'm stealing I'm stealing ??????