Florentine Pogen lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 4


Frank zappa (guitar, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals)
Napoleon murphy brock (flute, tenor saxophone, lead vocals)
Chester thompson (drums)
Tom fowler (bass)
Ruth underwood (vibes, marimba, percussion)
Bloodshot rollin' red (harmonica)

She was the daughter of a wealthy
Florentine pogen
Read 'em 'n weep
Was here adjustable slogan

She was a debutante daisy
With a color-note organ
Deep in the street
She drove a '59 morgan

That's the kinda step she takes
When her hot breaks hot breaks
That's the kinda sound she makes
(Ooh, let go uh me)
When her crab cakes
(Arf arf arf)

She didn't like it when her fan belt
Shrunk & got shorter
Battery leak could nearly cost her a quarter

She didn't want to stay home
An' watch the pestle go mortar
Later she speaks
On how perellis might court her

Na-na-na-noo, etc

She was the daughter
Of a wealthy
Florentine pogen

Read 'em 'n weep
Read 'em 'n weep
Read 'em 'n weep etc

Chester's go-rilla
She go quack
Chester's go-rilla
She go oink
Chester's go-rilla
She go moo
Chester's go-rilla
She go