Frogs With Dirty Little Lips lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Them Or Us


Frank zappa (lead vocals)
Ray white (background vocals)
Bobby martin (background vocals)
Roy estrada (background vocals)
Bob harris (background vocals)
Steve vai (guitar)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Ed mann (percussion)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Chad wackerman (drums)

Frogs with dirty little lips
Dirty little warts on their finger-tips
Dirty 'n green
Tiny 'n mean
Floppin' around
By the edge of the stream

Frogs with dirty little eyes
Dirty little tongues all covered with flies
Dirty brown
Floppin' around
Puffed up 'n bloated
When the sun goes down

Frogs with dirty little nose
Dirty little spots all over their clothes
Dirty legs
Dirty feet
Dirty little frogs is what you eat