Half A Dozen Provocative Squats lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: 200 Motels


Mark volman (vocals)
Howard kaylan (vocals)
Ian underwood (keyboards, woodwinds)
Aynsley dunbar (drums)
George duke (keyboards, trombone)
Martin lickert (bass)
Ruth underwood (orchestra drum set)
Jim pons (vocals)

Mark volman & howard kaylan:
Half a dozen provocative squats!
Out of the shower she squeezes her spots
Brushes her teeth
Shoots a deoderant spray up her twot..
It's getting her
Getting her hot
It's getting her
Getting her hot

She's just twenty four
And she can't get off
A sad, but typical case, yeah

The last dude to do her
Got in and got soft
She blew it
And laughed in his face, yeah