Jcb & Kansas On The Bus #2 lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 5


Jimmy carl black (dialog)
Kanzus j. kanzus (dialog)
Dick kunc (dialog)
Dick barber (dialog)

That'll do you
My names kansas and I'm from lyons
The lyons lions
You got any smokes?
Y'damn right. huh?
What kind of smokes?
Wanna a chester booger?
What else did you think I meant
I got some cigars up there too, brother
No, I jes, frank wanted to know if you had any winstons
Anybody have any winstons?
No, I don't
Gimme a chesterfield
Does motor have any more winstons
I know he just bought a carton..
I'll pass man
Boy, I'm havin' another one
You can't beat another chesterfield, like the 48 others
After 48 others
Suck em right up
Euclid, get up
Let him sleep
Fuck him, all he does is sleep
Dub dab dab doo da down
Dabbe doo dee
Put that pistol down, babe
Put that pistol down
Don't take your guns to town, bill