Master Ringo lyrics

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Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Everything Is Healing Nicely


Dear pfiq
Since you printed my question and photo in issue number 29, pfiq, I have received many letters
I'm glad I'm retired so I have plenty of time to answer all
I finally got rid of the smell
Of the deep scrotum piercings
By putting a 5/32-inches barbell and a 5/16-inches ring
Now, air can get through

(Fz: can you stand like that?
Hermann: maybe I should read the text one whole, because . . . again . . . oh . .
Fz: just . . . just say "now, air can get through")

Now, air can get through
Don't ever quit putting out pfiq, as it is most enjoy-able
I have them all
And go over them many times
You never heard anymore of carl... carol, issue n... number 14, I believe?
Keep up the great work. I don't know what to pierce next

P.s. do you use 1-percent xylocaine for deep cockhead piercings?
Piercing the head of the cock must be painful
I had the head tattooed and it hurt like hell!
But I didn't want the artist to stop

Master ringo