My Head? lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 5


Roy estrada (dialog)
Don preston (dialog)
Ian underwood (dialog)
Bunk gardner (dialog)
Motorhead sherwood (dialog)
Jimmy carl black (dialog)
Arthur tripp (dialog)

See my head, (no, no more, stop it)
My head?!!
Let's see if you can put your knees all the way up to your armpits, art
Artie, artie, artie. suck, suck . .
Sit on his face girl
Say, say hello baby
Juice it, juice it.
Get it in
Lemme see your cock. oh, jesus
White skin, lemme . .
Look at it man
One, two, three
One two three?
Is it succulent?
Ooh, you grabbed a tuft of hair there..
Oooh, I like it (do you?)
Hooh-hoh-ha, brap!
Come up here, were havin a party
Oh artie, oh
Jizz you, jizz you, art!
Look out
Gimme some nose
Jizz you
You're gonna tear the fuckin buttons.
Jizz you, jizz you
I didn't even believe it
You didn't believe it?
Oh, look at that
Boy I didn't believe it
I didnt even beleeve it
Oh, that's good
I didn't even beleeeeve it
How bout that?
All that hair coming out of me, ..
Happy birthday, artie
How many humps do we give him?
How many humps do we give him?
Twenty four?
Twenty four big ones
Twenty four big ones
Twenty four jizzers
Get one- and one to count
And one to grow on