The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1 lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Zappa In New York


Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Eddie jobson (keyboards, violin, vocals)
Patrick o'hearn (bass, vocals)
Terry bozzio (drums, vocals)
Ruth underwood (percussion, synthesizer)
Don pardo (vocals)
David samuels (vibes)
Randy brecker (trumpet)
Mike brecker (tenor saxophone, flute)
Lou marini (alto saxophone, flute)
Ronnie cuber (baritone saxophone, clarinet)
Tom malone (trombone, trumpet, piccolo)
John bergamo (percussion over-dub)
Ed mann (percussion over-dub)
Louanne neil (osmotic harp over-dub)

All right now, watch this. let me tell you about this song. this song was originally constructed as a drum solo. that's right. now, after terry learned how to play the black page on the drum set, I figured, well, maybe it would be good for other instruments. so I wrote a melody that went along with the drum solo. and that turned into the black page part 1, the hard version. then I said, well, what about the other people in the world, who might enjoy the melody of the black page, but couldn't really approach its statistical density in its basic form. so, I went to work and constructed a little diddy which is now being set up for you at this little disco type vamp. this is the black page part 2, the easy teenage new york version. get down with your bad selves so to speak to the black page part 2

Thank you

Did anybody dance?