The Closer You Are lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 4


Ray white (vocals)
Ike willis (vocals)
Bobby martin (vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Chad wackerman (drums)

The closer you are
The brighter the stars in the sky
And darling
I realize
That you're the one in my life
Oh oh

My heart skips a beat
Every time
You and I meet
My life, my love, my dear
I can't defeat
This yearning deep in my heart
To have only you

When I first saw you
I did adore you
And all your loving ways
But then you went away
But now you're back to stay
And my love for you grows stronger every
Day-ahhh way-ahhh way

The closer you are
The brigher the flames in my heart
And darling
We'll never part
We'll always be in love