The Idiot Bastard Son lyrics

Song information

Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: We're Only In It For The Money


Frank zappa (guitar, piano, lead vocals)
Billy mundi (drums, vocals, yak)
Bunk gardner (woodwinds)
Roy estrada (electric bass, vocals)
Don preston (retired)
Jimmy carl black (drums, trumpet, vocals)
Ian underwood (piano, woodwinds)
Motorhead sherwood (soprano, baritone saxophone)
Suzy creamcheese (telephone)
Dick barber (snorks)

The idiot bastard son

(The father's a nazi in congress today
The mother's a hooker somewhere in l.a.)
The idiot bastard son

(Abandoned to perish in back of a car
Kenny will stash him away in a jar)
The idiot boy!

(All the time he would spend at the church he'd attend..
Warming his pew)
Kenny will feed him & ronnie will watch
The child will thrive & grow
And enter the world
Of liars & cheaters & people like you
Who smile & think you know
What this is about

(You think you know everything... maybe so)
The song we sing, do you know?
We're listening..
The idiot boy!

(All the time he would spend all the colors he'd blend..
Where are they now?)