Skrewdriver lyrics

All Skrewed Up

  1. Where's It Gonna End? lyrics
  2. Government Action lyrics
  3. Backstreet Kids lyrics
  4. Gotta Be Young lyrics
  5. I Don't Need Your Love lyrics
  6. I Don't Like You lyrics
  7. An-Ti-So-Cial lyrics
  8. (Too Much) Confusion lyrics
  9. 9 Till 5 lyrics
  10. Jailbait lyrics
  11. We Don't Pose lyrics
  12. The Only One lyrics
  13. Won't Get Fooled Again lyrics

Blood & Honour

  1. Blood & Honour lyrics
  2. Mr. Nine To Five lyrics
  3. Don't Be Too Late lyrics
  4. When The Storm Breaks lyrics
  5. Prisoner Of Peace lyrics
  6. Poland lyrics
  7. Tomorrow Is Always Too Late lyrics
  8. The Way It's Got To Be lyrics
  9. The Jewel In The Sea lyrics
  10. One Fine Day lyrics
  11. Searching lyrics
  12. Needle Man lyrics
  13. Open Up Your Eyes lyrics
  14. I Know What I Want lyrics
  15. Streetfight (1986) lyrics
  16. Friday Night lyrics

Boots And Braces/Voice Of Britain

  1. Back With A Bang lyrics
  2. Built Up, Knocked Down (1979) lyrics
  3. A Case Of Pride lyrics
  4. Breakout lyrics (no lyrics)
  5. Tearing Down The Wall lyrics
  6. Boots And Braces lyrics
  7. Antisocial lyrics
  8. White Power lyrics
  9. Smash The I.R.A. lyrics
  10. Shove The Dove lyrics
  11. Sick Society (Albert Mariner R.I.P.)* lyrics
  12. Voice Of Britain lyrics
  13. On The Streets lyrics
  14. Invasion lyrics

Hail The New Dawn

  1. Hail The New Dawn lyrics
  2. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty lyrics
  3. Before The Night Falls lyrics
  4. Justice lyrics
  5. Race And Nation lyrics
  6. Flying The Flag lyrics
  7. If There's A Riot lyrics
  8. Tomorrow Belongs To Me lyrics
  9. Europe Awake lyrics
  10. Soldier Of Freedom lyrics
  11. Skrew You lyrics
  12. Pennies From Heaven lyrics
  13. Power From Profit lyrics
  14. Free My Land lyrics
  15. Don't Let Them Pull You Down lyrics (no lyrics)


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